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Assisted Conception (IVF) in Kano

The procedure of assisted reproduction was started in Kano in April 2017 following a public lecture where general discussion on infertility; problems and solution including assisted reproduction were discussed in detail. Also, medical, ethical, legal and Islamic point of view regarding Assisted conception were thoroughly discussed.



Infertility results in crisis in the affected African family. The affected couples are isolated, neglected and even stigmatized. It is associated with psychosocial problems and psychiatric manifestations in some situations. Sub Saharan Africa, however, have a lot of issues to handle (maternal mortality, infections and childhood diseases). These problems supersede the problems of infertility and hence, it is not considered as a disease entity, even though we have the highest burden of the problem and also poor technology to handle such problems. This is what gave me the courage to sub-specialized in Assisted Reproduction with the hope that my little contribution to the field should wipe the tears of infertile couples.


So far, over 162 couples registered for the procedure, but only 46 couples were able to pay for the procedure. We had a positive pregnancy outcome in Eleven (17) couples. We have delivered;

• Four sets of twins.
• A set of triplets.
• Five single pregnancies.
• Miscarriage of a set of triplets.
• Miscarriage of a single pregnancy.
• Four women are incubating a single pregnancy and a set of twins.
• Two babies from IUI.

We had another procedure and four (4) women will come for a pregnancy test in a week time. We will also have another cycle of six( 6) patients in April In sha Allah. The success rate of Assisted conception worldwide is approximately about 40-52% and our success rate is approximately 34% using none donor cycle.

Starting assisted reproduction is a serious challenge and I realized why so many centers are having problems in establishing the unit. Such challenges include financial constraints, acceptance of the procedure, religious issues, stigmatization and fear of complications and also high failure rate of the procedures due to late presentation especially in our environment where donor cycle is not accepted by the society.in


                              What we need to know about Invitrofertiliztion and embryo transfer (IVF-ET)


What is IVF+EF?

Invitro fertilization and embryo tranfer is a method of assisted conception that is used to achieve pregnancy by collecting the husband’s sperm and the wife’s egg at a perticular time of woman’s menstrual cycle, fertilizing the egg and transferring it inside the woman’s womb for implantation.

What does IVF+EF Entails?

It involves counselling the couples,siging consent form,collecting the egg and the sperm at middle of the menstrual cycle, fertilization , transfer of embryos and pregnancy test after two weeks .

How Long does it take to Complete the procedure?

Approximimatly 16 days from the day of commencement of injection(FSH)

Incase I Fail My First Cycle ,What Is My Next Line of Action

You have the right to attempt the procedure sveral times, for the 2nd time = 50% payment, 3rd attempt attracts=33% payment , 4th attempt = 0% payment .However you are responsibel for your medications and injections in all the cycles.

What is Your Protocol at this Hospital

We use the husband’s sperm and the wife’s eggs only. We don,t practice sperm donor cycle.

How successful is the Procedure?

Success rate of IVF+ET is about 40% even in the developed world where they practice both donor and non donor cycle

What are the DO's and DON'TS of the Procedure?

As it is wrtten in paper.

Can i have regular sexual relationship with my husband after the procedure?

No sexual relationship till the time of pregnancy test(after tw weeks). if positive No sexual relationship unit after 3 month.



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